Past Webinars:

Episode#4: Minimize Cost, Maximize Business Opportunity and Save Our Planet

Date: 25th June 2020, 14.00-15.30 hrs. (GMT +7)

Let's discover Win-Win solutions: how to minimize cost from food waste, while creating business opportunity and supporting society & environment.

Episode#3: Maximizing MICE: Winning the Thai & International MICE Business in a Post Covid-19 World

You will find answers and ways to increase revenue for hotels, restaurants from meetings, conferences and seminars.

  • Using Innovation to Bring Events Back to Thailand
  • What to prioritize, who to target and how to manage MICE, with insights, opinions and toolkits to ensure your venues get booked as quickly as possible
  • How to attract trade visitors for trade exhibitions
  • Policies to stimulate the market
  • Policies to promote rehabilitation measures that stimulate domestic meetings

Episode#2: Safety First: What Hotel & Restaurant Guests Want from You

Learn what you need to know to provide guests with the safest possible service and maintain an outstanding reputation to create confidence and attract business, featuring:

  • Food Safety & Hygiene Guidelines for Kitchens and Restaurants
  • Case Study
  • Bouncing Back in the Restaurant Business

Episode#1: Targeting First Movers Online: Thai and Asian Travelers

How will the Hotel Industry recover after the worldwide pandemic that has put a stop to tourism?

At recovery, tourist numbers will drop, yet supply will remain the same. So, how will travel change and what can hotels do to win over guests after Covid-19?