2019 Product Highlights

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Jenbunjerd Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. M26

Jenbunjerd Company Limited, established in 1984, is the leading manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of materials handling equipment with the most diverse range of products in Thailand, fully meeting all customer requirements as the Total Solution Provider.

Jiangsu Suntree Textile Co., Ltd
Stand No. E21


Josenea BIO
Stand No. Q12

Josenea is a non-profit-making Labor Association created in 2002 with the objective of making a social project in a rural area. To accomplish this, we have built a plantation of ecological farming of aromatic and medicinal plants. We have implanted a strong commitment with the society and the environment.

Jyu Fong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. R25

Features 1. Motor with CE certified. 2. Operating in low noise. 3. Ice-flake can be adjusted quickly. 4. Blade is made of Japanese steel, sharp & durable. 6. Copper plate won Taiwan patent is easy to clean & install. 7. Equipped safety features, like safety door and gear cover.

K.H.T. Central Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C1

The Complete laundry Equipment Center

K.S.R. Fabric Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D08

AquaVault provides hotel guests “Peace of Mind”. AquaVault - is a patented portable outdoor travel safe invented for guests to lock up their valuables and go worry free for a swim/activity. FlexSafe - a new portable safe that is lightweight, water and slash resistant material for safety and durability

Karma Global Ltd. Guangzhou
Stand No. G38

Our products include cooking equipments, mixers, cafeteria & bar, food preparation, ovens, showcase, refrigeration equipment, washing equipment, heating lamp and stainless steel units.

Stand No. J26

Disinfection and Deodorant water Generating Device, Disinfection and Deodorant water, Ultrasonic Disinfection water Atomizer. Used by more than 800 companies in Japan.

Keith & Kym Concept Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. G11

Each of these spoon designs has been created to enrich the dining experience. They stimulate the sense of touch on the tongue, the lips, and within the mouth, as well as give creative chefs and domestic gourmands new opportunities to innovate and present food in a unique and inspirational way.

Kingsmen Corporation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A15

Kingsmen Hospitality Services Provides Premium F&B Service, Staffing Solutions & Training For Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Events

Kiosqueto Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D32

KIOSQUE’ is the leading brand and specialize in Restaurant Management System. We have more than 800 customers such as Hotel, Restaurant, Fast Food etc. Our products are Cashier System, Web Ordering System, Fast Food System, Inventory Control & Cost Management, Branch Management. Support : 24hrs/7days. Contact Number : 662-9646040, www.kiosqueto.com

Kiwi & Kom-Kom Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J30

Our knives are multipurpose kitchen knives.We promote the right selection of kitchen knife that is suitable for every occasion usage in order to create wonderful menus for sharing the happiness and healthiness with your beloved and family members

Kiwiny Srl
Stand No. Q14

Kiwiny is embedding the fruit with the highest vitamins and nutritional levels in order to produce a unique beverage experience. As of today Kiwiny is the only line in the world based on kiwi fruits blended with other fruits and ingredients that is organic with no water or sugar added.

Konbini Vending Automation Pte Ltd
Stand No. H26

Just tap, take and go. Low Maintenance Service.

KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K22

VITO OIL FILTER SYSTEM, the oil filter machine can help you to save the oil cost for up to 50% and also improve the fried food quality. The machine is made from Germany and sold for 150 countries around the world.

Kusar International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. F10

The Exotic Angel Stone Lamp is nature translucent stone’s sculpture, blending perfectly with various visible light spectrums. This has registered The Angel Light in an unlimited Exotic Style. Moreover, The Exotic Angel Stone Lamp(LED Rechargeable) is available in a range of hybrid(Oil&Electric)&innovative cordless lamp with wireless charging technology&digital switching system.

Las Cepas
Stand No. Q16

Competitive advantage Product innovation and International Business Development Market record Present in Japan, China (Taiwan, HK) & South Korea. Intense promotional activity:+50 activities in Asia region in 2018 Key clients Large department stores, Premium wine importers

Lily Tobeka Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. T17

We provide the quality products for Retail and HORECA

LUXnap Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A14

Luxnap Airlaid napkins are a modern alternative to linen serviettes. A thicker, softer embossed napkin perfect for dining establishments and households where the food, cutlery and eating environment are of a higher priority For those who want to make the right impression. Airlaid Napkins are the table requisite of choice.

M2 Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. K16

Oysterkingz display from Sealife is the ultimate storage solution for fresh Oysters in your restaurant that will increase your profit and simplify your handling. The Oyster display adds an attractive talking point to your establishment. Access to the Oysters is easy, the shucking can take place right on the station

Maintal Konfituren GmbH
Stand No. Q18

We offer a wide range of fruit spreads suitable for a vegan diet and are Halal certified in organic quality filled in jars or buckets specially for HoReCa. We have a 'non-sugar-added' organic fruit spread line as well as fruit purees with 100% fruit. We also produce high-quality fruit spreads.

Mair Product Company
Stand No. H16

PS22W2 Lighted magnifying mirror with proximity sensor Only turns on when face comes close to focusing distance Very low power consumption AA battery operated, no electrical hazardous in the bathroom True skin colour, over 90% sunlight spectrum Brightly diffused ring light with no shadow and glare Optical quality, high clarity mirror

Mango Messaging Technology Ltd.
Stand No. D35

Our Omni-channel Communications and Booking Platform enables Integrated Resorts to enhance communications and engagements with customers from pre-arrival and reservations , in hotel and post-stay ; to achieving high quality customer satisfaction and improving revenue expectations.

Manos & Co
Stand No. Q20

Cretan diet, as a healthy standard of wellness and longevity, includes our premium collection of organic herbal infusions from herbs, wild grown in the island of Crete-Greece. We offer to tea-lovers a unique journey of taste in Cretan nature and a healthy alternative to the tea-culture.

Maruzen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K21

Noodle Boiler Lift-down automatically when you push the Lift Cap of basket! “Cool Kitchen series Automatic Noodle Boiler” which lifts up after boiled.

Marvice(Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. A11

MARVICE PAGING SYSTEMS was designed to help cafe, restaurant, food service, etc. to manage incoming customers efficiently and distinctly. www.marvice.co.th

Material World Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. M1

Hospitality Thailand is one stop service center, We are importers of products in the service business group. We are ready to provide advice in all groups of services such as Hotels, Resorts & Spa, Hospital, Restaurants, Factories, Properties, MICE, Department Store, School and Cleaning Service.

MC Plus Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D10

ZOWN PREMIUM COLLECTION Lightweight, shockproof, robust furniture with a weight-bearing capacity. Comfortable for users and with an appealing aesthetic design. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Convenience to transport and store (saving on space). Hygienic and easy to clean. Resistant to moisture and UV rays. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

MCP Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D30

Scent Care is a small energetic, focused and dedicated team whose aim is to become a leader in the Thai Scent market. Highest quality fragrances, cost-effective and reliable service. We offer full services from Installation to maintenance of various scenting products for receptions, lobbies, restrooms, retails and many others.

Midori Anzen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E16

New innovation of anti-slip shoes. Not linear anti-slip but multi-directional anti-slip. Changing the safety toe cap from metal to resin toe cap, making it much lighter for the kitchen. Additionally, it has the strength to withstand any hazardous items like knives from penetrating.

Stand No. Q24

Natural rye cereals, reduced sugar, free from artificial additives and oil, attractive design, rich in fiber, high nutrition value. Products are healthy alternative in mass market.

Miyazaki Prefecture
Stand No. Q40

Using valuable made in Japan banana.They are grown without pesticides.Popular and famous in Japan that can eat even banana skins.Banana has also natural higher sugar content.This banana curry using such a high quality banana. A sweetness follows after the hotness.

Molini Lario S.p.A.
Stand No. S1.1

Pizza Teglia belongs to our Gran Pizza flour line. Made in Italy by Molini Lario Mill since 1919. Pizza teglia is perfect for traditional as well as romana style pizzas. Come to visit us!

Stand No. S11

Molise Region Agency that promotes quality agrofood products;

MT Food Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K15

Qbo-4 UNIVERSAL PROCESSING SYSTEM A complete and versatile work tool that cooks, cools, concentrates, kneads, refines, cuts, mixes, homogenises, pulverises all types of food products. It is the perfect choice for PASTRIES, CHOCOLATE, ICE CREAM, GASTRONOMY, RESTAURANTS, FOOD PROCESSING, READY MEALS, DAIRY PRODUCTS, FARMS AND COUNTRY HOUSES.

N2ICE Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H19

N2ICE Co., Ltd is an importer of ice cream machine, Ice cream Showcase and accessories. Moreover, we have provided the best gelato course with best recipes. Recently we have the great ingredient around the world for making delicious ice cream in reasonable cost.

Nandee Inter-Trade Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. G39

Industrial Grade Sticker Printing & Die Cut Machine Max Bepop is a all-in-one sticker printing and die cut machine. It is most suitable for signage, multi-shape sticker, label or even nameplate. It can be used outdoor and under high temperature. ** Your own custom stickers with Max Bepop **

Nanhai Lihao Electric Works Co., Ltd
Stand No. K25

Electric Meat Slicer Construction in Food grade Aluminium, blade of hardened and chromium. Meating the most demanding sanitation requirements. High precision Slicing control thickness. With CE certification.

Naniwa Abrasive Mfg. Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N4

The highest grade of Naniwa products. Good reputations from professional chefs. Fast sharpening with Less stone surface maintenance. Splash then sharpen; You can sharpen whenever you want. Fast sharpen and outstanding finishing result for regular knives to the hard steel blade like VG10. Please come to see sharpening demo at booth.

Stand No. Q23

Present in about 30 countries, Natura Nuova is one of the bigger fruit puree producer in Italy with over 16k tons of fruit processed yearly. Founded in 1994, we specialize in baby fruit production that has a high quality of raw material used and a controlled origin of fruits.

NC Bakery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K9

It can mak 1,000-6,000 pieces of product perhour, and the product adjusted from 15g-100g. Friendly Dough Line will made products uniformly in size and weight, smoothly in appearance and in orderly patterns.

Newton Food Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. J1

The new eikon e1s a high speed oven combining superior functionality, maximum speed and consistently great performance, packaged in a compact unit with ground-breaking design.

Ngam Bedding Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A7

Product Highlights #FHT2019 Ngam Bedding Co., Ltd. Stand No. A7 - Gardenia. Your Bedtime Pleasure - Bedding, Towels, Accessories - Premium Cotton Materials 100% - Specially Wholesale Only FHT2019

Ngern Ma Business Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H15


Nineteen lntertrade Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F6

Wooden kitchenware, tableware, and wooden furniture is our specialty for more than 20 years. We serve the best quality in the industry at a reasonable price. We provide OEM service and logo service to fulfill customer's needs.

Ningbo Beilun Walla Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H33

CFC FREE environment friendly Complete slience Long service life No need to add refrigerants No daily maintenance

Ningbo Homelink Eco-Itech Co.,Ltd
Stand No. E28

Ningbo Homelink is one of the leading and professional manufacturer in China for the plastic and Eco-friendly tableware, including the cutlery, straws, plates and cups.

Novamix (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Stand No. H10

Thermomix ® is the world’s most versatile kitchen appliance. The most innovative device that combined all 12 appliances in one. Used all over the world by millions of satisfied home cooks and top chefs.Thermomix ® is a unique,appliance that brings professional-style cooking to any home and kitchen.

Stand No. M14

NOWACO is a professional food merchant dedicated to provide and sell frozen food on a global scale. We are experts in frozen food such as: pork, poultry, fish, beef, vegetables and French fries. NOWACO develops highly specialized products in precisely the cut, weight, size, and specification you require.

Nuvo Living Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E19

Our company manufactures and distributes mattresses and bedding for hotel, condominiums, resort and apartment. We have other products such as a base of the bed, napkins, bed sheets, Duvet, pillow and towel

Oklin Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N36

OKLIN COMPOSTER Oklin food waste composter uses biotechnology to decompost food waste,reduces the amount of food waste by up to 90% in 24 hours.

Stand No. Q19

Olympian Green is an exporting company that has more than 150 years' experience in olive oil extraction & processing. We operate in accordance with IFS, BRC, ISO22000, KOSHER, BIO Certified, FDA registered. Our products (conventional & organic) can be offered in retail packaging, or packaging suitable for professional use.

Olympic Gourmet
Stand No. Q17

Hippocrates once said: Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food... and that's what we do in Olympic Gourmet. We bring ancient Greece to your home with authentic Greek products! Our portfolio consists of quality healthy products rich in nutrients beneficial and protective for the human body.

Omega Machinery (1999) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J19

Kitchen equipment for Sell-Rent such as dishwasher, ice maker. We are a distributor Kitchen equipment under the brand of ATA from Italy. If you're looking perfect design kitchen for restaurants and hotels, we are the kitchen supplier and consultant under the name as “OMEGA MACHINE & KITCHEN.

One Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. D31

Loga offers a simple and seamless way for businesses to acquire new customers and better engage with their current ones via the application

Osaka International Business Promotion Center
Stand No. N1-N6

We are a public entity supporting SMEs in Osaka City for their business development into foreign countries. On this occasion, we take 6 food-related companies from Osaka to Thailand. All of them are highly-qualified and authorized for quality of products and services. Please come to visit our pavilion!(Hall 102/ N1-N6)

Osterberg International
Stand No. M11

Osterberg Syrups Østerberg syrups come in two ranges: Fruit Syrups and Coffee Syrups. Fruit Syrups is a perfect ingredient in mocktails and cocktails, and they provide a refreshing fruit taste to any drink. Coffee syrups serve as a perfect add to your cup of coffee, providing a nice different taste.

Osuuskunta Maitomaa
Stand No. Q15

I will offer to you VEGEN PROTEIN DINK made from Finnish Organic whole grain oats and Finnish Organic forest bilberry. Live healthy and taste the arctic side of life. From the world's cleanest, air, soil and water. Premium products innovation since 1915 naturally under the biodiversity.

P J Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. C26

CONCEPT IMAGILIGHTS wireless table light MOJO is an eye-catcher for every interior. Because of its three different caps, you can choose the mood of your Mojo. Fun, versatile and the best quality. With each Mojo you get three caps in three different colors, classy black, funky blue and relaxing beige

P.P.H.U. Berotex Jaros??aw Majtczak
Stand No. Q13

The highest market advantage of our company is engineering of coffee product individual to each customer demands for the regional market (design, taste, logistic). Using the latest coffee roasting technology, we are able to deliver any natural taste of coffee packed into an individual and exclusive designed packaging.

Pacific B&B Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N10

Menabrea is the original Italian beer since 1846. This 4.8% ABV pale lager is well balanced between citrus, bitter tones and floral, fruity undertones giving a consistent and refined flavour.

Pacific Hospitality Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C25

Pacific Hospitality offers a wide range of hotel products such as linens, guest room amenities and public area products for all hotel types and classes. All the products can be customized to your requirement.

Packs Beverages Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. Q35

Packs beverages company limited is one of the major still water and mineral water supplier that produce product to wholesalers, retailers, hotels, and restaurants. You can choose your own bottle design and create your own label.

Pantori K Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N12

imo imo various choices of products are made of 100% natural ingredient from Purple Sweet Potatoes imported from Kumamoto and other ingredients. We proudly present our "Happy Purple Sweet Potatoes" that will make you feel really "Happy"

Park Cuisine Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. R29

FRENCH BAKERY and PASTRY (Freshly-baked or frozen): hand-made in Bangkok by PARK CUISINE [previously LENOTRE(THAILAND)]. NEW ZEALAND NATURAL: premium range of ICE CREAM, SORBET and FROZEN YOGHURT, 100% made in New Zealand. With offices in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, we supply to Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Supermarkets around Thailand.

Passworks Japan Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F25

Meal Ticket Vending Machine Provide cashless operation with 2D/3D barcode. Save labor cost,Exclude money miscalculation and to clean food handling. Useful for Food Court,Fast Food Shop and Restaurants.

Peerapat Technology Public Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E1

BI-CHEM B.D.O contains a blend of highly specialised microorganisms. Selected enzymes and biodegradable surfactant. This fast-acting formulation of biodegradable ingredients destroys organic deposits through catalytic enzymatic transformation of fats. Oil, greases and other organics contained in line blockage.

Pemco Inter Light Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. B19

Li : Lighting Intelligent How good will it be, if we could control the lighting by our smartphone via Li app. Turning on/off, dimming, changing the color or color temperature by finger tip. Li app is the easiest lighting control with very best price.

Pluto Ice Cream Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N26

Work with us with almost zero investment!

Stand No. Q11

PURE BIO - is the first Energy Drink from organic farming - since 2007. With 100% organic high class ingredients. The healthy alternative to chemical Energy Drinks. Exported to more than 30 countiries worldwide.

Qingdao Ice Box Cooling Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G40

Our ice makers have sales in Italy, Belgium and other developed European countries and constantly getting positive feedback.

Qualitat (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N31

Drinks Supply : 3 Kinds of beverages. suach as milk tea,coffee,Chocolate,Hot Instant Powder Drink and Others Raw material storage tank:3 tanks with capacity 1.6 kg. Water supply: Consisting of the inner tank and adding the outside tank:5-20 litres or connecting to the machine's Pump

Royal Lacewood Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C11

Royal Lacewood is excited to present Bonna as the World class brand porcelain tableware truely designed for Horeca professionals. Bonna offers brilliant translucent duralight body with high performance glaze so strong that we offer Lifetime Edge Chip warranty.

Royal Porcelain Public Company Limited
Stand No. E11

“ White album ” The current trend of “street food” is making it’s way into menus in restaurants, hotels, bars and lounges. White album, is a simple collection of shapes designed to give a modern touch to the “kitchen to table” trend and presentation of "street food".

S&V Import and Export Co.,Ltd
Stand No. T20

PASH is a premium brand designed in London and New York for international market. Our product is 100% Cold-pressed juices, passion fruit based. No sugar, additives or preservatives added. Chef-designed recipes. Cold pasteurization with 60-day shelf life. Non-GMO, GMP, HACCP certified.

Sahamingchaisiri Ltd.,Part.
Stand No. L30

Air-tight Hermetico Jar suitable for storing spices, tea, or snacks. The glass come with excellent clarity perfect for showcases content. The lid available in both glass lid and wooden lid.

Sang Go Dae Ltd.
Stand No. H40

it produces the best snow flakes.

Sato Auto-Id (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. F26

Effortless label printing for complex operation, with a 7-inch TFT full color touch screen, the award winning SATO FX3-LX is a flexible, next-generation label printer suitable for a wide range of industries, including Food, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics.

Scanproducts Co.,Ltd
Stand No. D20

The thoughtfully designed finum?? products obtain the best quality flavor for your guest. They are developed to prepare tea and to spice food right on the table.

Scientific Innovation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H21

MODA DESIGN BY JACOB JENSEN STACKABLE MODULES MODA is Portuguese word, which means Modern and Fashion. Now MODA is the latest new product of Bittel Designed by Jacob Jensen, which means Modern, Modular and Stylish. MODA combines the unique design and many good & useful features in one.

Secure Solution s Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D36

Combining tablets, payments, and applications to create new customer experience

Seven Five Distributor Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J31

TEDDY is a strong, professional 5-litre mixer for small daily tasks in the bakery, kitchen or laboratory. Smart Danish design with a focus on ergonomics, hygiene and easy cleaning, and the quality to handle hard work, year after year SMALL AND STRONG

Shimono (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K19

Kuvings is a leading kitchen appliance brand loved by health conscious people over 80 countries. We strive to develop the highest quality products that make healthy living more efficient, convenient, and delicious.

Shunling Refrigeration Kitchenware Equipment Factory
Stand No. L26

10' Semi-automatic meat slicer • Made of aluminum alloy and anodized • can be used to cut cold meat, ham, fish, cheese, etc. • Power: 320W ,Stainless steel balde,With free spare parts • Input Voltage: 110V/60HZ or 220~240V/50HZ • Blade dia: 250mm • Cutting thickness: 0~10mm • Packing: 1pc/ctn

Siam Tin Food Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. T21

Ready for cooking high quality Thai curry sauce to be used as soup base for hotel & catering service. Prepared for any skill level cooker to create menu by simply add meat and vegetable.

Silikal Construction Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. A24

Silikal MMA resin (Floor Coating) -Curing even at very low temperatures (special formulation down to -25oC -Fully load-bearing just 2 hours after laying -Excellent ageing and weather resistance, no chalking, no embrittlement -Protect against high mechanical loads and chemical stresses -Decorative surface design -Hygienic and easy to keep clean

Silvio Carta S.r.l.
Stand No. S6

Boigin is a different kind of gin: lemon, tangerine and orange peel have been added. This gives it more body and freshness. Ideal and surprising for an Italian Gin & Tonic.

Simmons Bedding & Furniture(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. F21

With 149 years of heritage, Simmons is the forerunner in technological innovations, which include the Individual Pocketed Coils?? with the Do-Not-Disturb?? benefit. Prestigious hoteliers around the world select Simmons because they trust only the top name in sleep to provide premium rest to their discerning guests.

SKGF Trading (2002) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. R30

BOH is a tea business that has been warming the hearts of Malaysians for 90 years; nurtured by generations of tea experts and devoted to producing teas of exceptional quality, character, aroma and freshness.

Sky Food Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N3

"Green Smoothies made from 24 kinds of Japanese domestic vegetables and fruits" Harmonizing 22 kinds of Japanese domestic vegetables, primarily young barley leaves, kale vegetable powder and 2 kinds of Japanese domestic fruits with dietary fiber, oligosaccharide and lactic acid bacteria. No coloring additives used.

Sleepwell Industries Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. B11

DreamMaster is the top European bedding brand that produces high quality products for the world's major hotel chains. We use highest raw material quality for making our Mattresses & Bases. At DreamMaster, we are driven by the desire to give our clients the best possible night's sleep.

Smart Finder Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E31

Smart Finder provides smart one-stop IT solutions for hospitality businesses, including property management system, back office system, restaurant management system, hospitality mobile application, system customization, and much more. Plus, Smart Finder offers full-scale support available 24/7. Besides, caravan service team is present in major tourist destinations for flash onsite assistance.

Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P9

Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) is one of the leading ice cream supplier who supplies high quality Ice cream machine, also premium Soft serve and Gelato premix from New Zealand , Australia and Italy. We can ensure that varieties flavors and quality ingredients will be provided to create tons of interesting menus.

Somphol Bedding and Mattress Industry Co., Ltd. (Springmate)
Stand No. D11

Increase life-span even longer on your mattress with Waterproof Mattress Protector from Springmate. Made with micropeach fabric that fully prevents all liquid penetration, no matter if it’s coffee spill,urine,or period blood. The protector comes with mattress elastic strap on all four corners up to 14 inches in height.

Sripipat Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H5


Star Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C20

Utility can with trolley. Material complies with FDA standard. Impact resistance. Easy lock with the trolley.

STK Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L9

We are specialized in imported products for hotel-supplies business. We supply high quality products fully required for Kitchen equipments and Utensils such as, Buffet Equipment , Bakery , Bar Equipment , Flatware, Kitchenware , Cookware , Table Top , Hotel supply article etc.,

Straikas UAB
Stand No.

SIP SAP organic birch tree sap rewards you with the energy of spring season! SIP SAP: the melting snow enriches the roots of the trees with all kinds of vitamins and minerals that give their benefits to the sap and subsequently to you, starting from the very first sip.

Sunmei Group Company Limited
Stand No. H11

THANK HOTEL PREMIUM, a sweet space in your journey

Sunnex Products Limited
Stand No. K30

SUNNEX Smart IoT Chafing Dish One-touch temperature control on mobile with Wifi connection for up to 20 units of chafing dishes Precise temperature control Hydraulic hinge for smooth lid opening OLED indicator lights on control panel