Product Highlights

Backaldrin Jordan Ltd
Stand No. P35
At Backaldrin, we believe in the importance of service, so we provide you with the solutions you need in the baking world every day. Beyond our high-quality products, as a Backaldrin customer, you have a range of services at your disposal.
Bangkok Ranch Public Company Limited
Stand No. T1
"Dalee Duck Tsukune"

Duck Meat Ball made with premium quality duck meat cooked in Japanese style.
Perfect for a finger food to a main dish in every occasion.
Bangkok Telecommunications IT & OA
Stand No. H27
Panasonic Hotel solution provides seamless communication with easy operation for the users. With built-in PMS interface, the customer can maximize the usage of telecommunication system at ease as Panasonic PBX also supports world class PMS software.
Bara Stainless Work Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D20
Bara Stainless Work Co.,Ltd. is leading manufacturer of cutlery and hollowware for major clients in Europe, America and Asia. The Skilled workforce is well trained in high standard mirror polishing, sandblasting, satin finishing and hammering. We has our own in house design team that design product according to customer's requirement.
Be Media Focus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. #
Food Focus Thailand is a trade magazine, distributed to Food&Beverage professionals in Thailand. We provide a unique niche of well-balanced coverage, including processing & packaging innovation, quality measurement in terms of physical, chemical, and microbiological basis, standards & regulations, logistics & supply chain management, as well as marketing issues.
BellaTW Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P36
The only appointed roaster for WCE Taiwan roasting championship in 2017-2019.
EVO-4S Professionally Upgrade
  • Instant flame turbo
  • Inventive digital negative pressure
  • Innovated design panel
  • Intelligent safely device.