Product Highlights

Advanced Research Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E37
Our property management system, HotSoft 8, consists of fully-integrated modules and provides features that support all kinds of businesses, from hostels to hotel chains. You only pay for the functions you need.
Aiya (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. T19
Our products are authentic Japanese Matcha which are cultivated and manufactured by the traditional methods. Therefore, we believe this is a big appeal point for consumers to mesmerize consumers.

Also, we have established Bangkok office in 2017 and can support customers not only in Thailand but also other SEA countries.
AK & J Textile Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D19
With over 30 years of experience in the textile manufacturing for HOTELS, we always support our customer with "The Best Quality" and wide range of product such as "Bed linen, Towel, Duvet and Pillow."
Akanemaru Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P2
Japanese made beans paste of soda pop flavor.
Akatsuki Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P10
Foreign currency exchange machine allows foreign travelers, returned travelers, or foreign workers to exchange their foreign currency to local currency. It achieves over 99% of identification rate (the highest level of this industry), corresponding to 120 currencies.
Almex System Technology Asia Sdn Bhd
Stand No. F28
Japan No.1 Kiosk for Hotel Self-Check In & Out. ASTA’s HQ- Almex establishes for more than 50 years, expert in providing IT solutions to Hospitality business operation. For F&B, we have self-ordering solution for E-menu, Kitchen Display System, Self-Ordering Kiosk & POS.
Anand Systems Inc
Stand No. F36
ASI FrontDesk - Comprehensive Property Management System (PMS). Our Hotel Software which is Affordable, Dynamic and Easy-to-Use. With 5000+ Clients in 169 Countries Worldwide. 24/7 Technical Support Available.
Anko Food Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L31
Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine
Annapolis Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N27
LongBeach Syrup -
Koicha premium Tea -
Kawami Tea -
Anna’s Bakeryand Beverage Ingredient -
AQUMO Holdings Inc.
Stand No. H15
This is a long-lasting type of botanical interior decoration.
Dried flowers and/or preserved flowers are soaked in a bottle filled special oil developed by our company.
Asia Engineering Pac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N12
  • To Cut Meat without bone or Soft Fruit with some fiber. Ex. Pineapple /Mango /Jelly.
  • User can adjust the speed of Cylinder to got different length of product from 2~30mm.
  • Working Temp. for meat is -2~4℃
Asia Europe Trade Co sa
Stand No. S27
MILLESIME Chocolates is a concept from Best Grand Crus Classés Wines adapted to unique special Cocoa Beans.

A bean-to-bar manufacturer oversees the chocolate production chain, from sourcing the beans to making the actual bars.

MILLESIME Chocolates are for Passionate Chocolate Lovers and Connoisseurs.

Made in Belgium.
Athena Tableware HK Limited
Stand No. D1
Inspired by Asian Culinary, Athena Marble Bowls are perfect for presenting fusion fine food.

The gifted natural pattern varies from one to others, creating irresistible uniqueness to table art.