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Asia Engineering Pac Co., Ltd.
  • To Cut Meat without bone or Soft Fruit with some fiber. Ex. Pineapple /Mango /Jelly.
  • User can adjust the speed of Cylinder to got different length of product from 2~30 mm.
  • Working Temp. for meat is -2~4℃
Company Name: Asia Engineering Pac Co., Ltd.
Stand No.: N12
Product Category: Foodservice Equipment
Country: Thailand

We are a complete packaging line manufacturer with over 25 years experience in: rinsers, volumatic fillers, pressure fillers, vacuum fillers, cappers, labellers, sleeve applicators, case packers, palletisers for various industries.

We are a supplier to the food industry of Ultra-fine friction grinders (Supermasscolloider) from Masuko (Japan). Fruit and vegetable dicers, slicers, and Washers also Mixers and Sweet Corn Cutters from Giantwell (Taiwan).

148,150 Bangbon 3 Rd., Nongkham, Nongkham,
Bangkok 10160 Thailand
Tel : +66 2 806 4501-4
Fax : +66 2 445 5038
E-mail : [email protected]siaengineeringpac.co.th
Website : www.asiaengineeringpac.co.th