Product Highlights

Advocado Pte Ltd
Stand No. F42
Advocado is a Cloud based loyalty app which generates REAL cashflow for businesses with its disruptive innovation! There's literally no app to download, totally hassle-free and what's best - it allows you to engage your customers in the fastest and most efficient way while you reap the returns!
Agri-Coordination Kagoshima
Stand No. L35
“Jaruvan Select”
We select safe, high-quality convenient vegetables from Kagoshima, Japan. In powder, slice shape and soup easy to use and good for health. High technology production gain acceptance at the national level, ISO22000. We also select chemical-free products that comply with the Organic Japanese Agriculture Standard (JAS).
Airverclean Pte Ltd
Stand No. F47
The RydAiR Electrostatic Air Cleaner, RY 5000B is used in the kitchen exhaust system to remove and collect cooking fumes, oil mist, smokes and grease before the air is exhausted out off the building.

It is tested with up to 96% efficiency, ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2012
Akatsuki Electric MFG Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H9
Foreign currency exchange machine allows foreign travelers, returned travelers, or foreign workers to exchange their foreign currency to local currency.

It achieves over 99% of identification rate (the highest level of this industry), corresponding to 120 currencies.24 hours available at various locations such as transportation facilities, etc.
Almex System Technology Asia Sdn Bhd
Stand No. E38
Automated Solutions to enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction

Hotel Self-Check In & Out Kiosk:
Self-service designed for guest use. Features
performing font desk task implemented.
Integrate with PMS.

Restaurant customer make order without enduring
frustration waving at waiter. Orders will be sent to
POS & kitchen monitor.
Anand Systems Inc.
Stand No. F45
Our flagship product ASI FrontDesk PMS is currently installed in 5000+ locations worldwide in 169 Countries. We are represented in the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and India.
Association of Tokyo Islands Distilleries
Stand No. H11
An authentic Shochu made in Tokyo Islands, located 1,200 kilometers away from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. This island distilled-spirit is the only Shochu made from wheat and potato blended together. Shochu is very popular in Japan due to its delicious tastes and tenderness to body.
Athena Tableware HK Limited
Stand No. D1
There are never too much tapas – food sharing brings fun to the table.

Athena mini pots and pans designed to brighten up the chef’s presentation of food art while organizing food serving. Take a look and discover the unlimited combination you can create for your own style.
Audio-Technica Corporation
Stand No. H1
ASM865CE is a commercial rice spreading robot which can produce around 1,200 pieces per hour. At the same time, this machine fulfills the shortest width and lightest weight specifications by sushi robots industrial standards.
Aulac Food Vegetarian Trade Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J37
Au Lac Pure Vegetarian Co., Ltd. is the leader in manufacturing vegetarian and vegan products in Southeast Asia with over 25 years of experience. We offer the largest variety of vegetarian and vegan products in the World.
Automotive Synergy Incorporated Sdn Bhd
Stand No. G37
World's No.1 selling Anti Bacterial Treatment System for air conditioning system! Tested by world recognized laboratories such as SGS and TUV, Bactakleen’s Ultra Mist solution is proven to kill 99.99999% of bacteria and fungus!
Bangkok Food System Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M7
Original product import from Japan, fruits, vegetable, sweet potato and fish.
Bangkok Ranch Public Company Limited
Stand No. M1
Smoked and Pastrami Duck Breast

Fully cooked smoked duck boneless breast meat with juicy skin.

Classic authentic wood chips are used to smoke this whole piece of duck breast.
Bangpan International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L28
Lindsay Wine Estate is the brain child of Will and Matt, two mates who share a passion for Music, Art and Wine.

Will and Matt have combined all three of those passions into "LWE"- a brand new modern-yet-rustic cellar door that boasts private tasting and entertainment areas, art history.
Bara Stainless Work Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F10
BAC is our hospitality brand with complete product line of dinning and banquet equipment. Guarantee of high standard along with user friendly unique designs which can be custom made to serve all needs.
Be Media Focus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. #
Food Focus Thailand is a trade magazine, distributed to Food&Beverage professionals in Thailand. We provide a unique niche of well-balanced coverage, including processing & packaging innovation, quality measurement in terms of physical, chemical, and microbiological basis, standards & regulations, logistics & supply chain management, as well as marketing issues.
Beston Global Food (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N24
"Kyubu" is Japanese Style Cheese Cubes, made with high quality Australian cheese. Great tasting with superb milky&mildly cheese flavor with a good source of protein and calcium.
Captain Hook Smoke House Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H47
Captain Hook's Smokehouse produces premium quality Smoked Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, and Mackerel in hot and cold varieties.

We use traditional European techniques and no artificial flavors and can deliver nation wide in Thailand from our FDA approved factory in Phuket.
Central Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E32
“Easy to use” application

With 40th years experience of developing Cash register application, VR cash register application become easy to use. Quick seamless operation is possible with enhanced functions.
Chaitip Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H22
Panomrung is the rice delivery service brand that provides a turnkey service.

It’s a new concept that controls quality of the entire products, from production to consumption.

Consistent rice quality is the heart of Panomrung brand.
Cleanpro Laundry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A7
New High-performance Stack washer dryer on footprint designed.
Coffee Group Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L38
Are you interested in serving good quality coffee supported with good service and partnership?

We're looking forward welcoming you on our stand L38.
Coleman Brands Pty Ltd.
Stand No. C9
Latest from Coleman(R) - Introducing the thickest insulated soft cooler bag with over 12 hours cold retention performance.

Ideal for catering, food/juice delivery, cold grocery. Folds down compact when not in use.

Removable liner for easy cleaning and prevent spillage.
Comanche International Public Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F21
COMANCHE INTERNATIONAL Plc. is an Information Technology Company that specializes in providing Truly Seamless System Integration Solutions for the hospitality Industry.

Comanche’s fulfills hoteliers’ requirements with its full range of feature rich modules including Front office, Point of Sale, Back office, Interface systems, Mobility, Business Intelligence Solutions and more.
Comptoir Francais Du Vin Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M14
Fine wines from France, Italy and Spain.

We provide high quality wines at affordable prices to allow the most of people to enjoy them. Our portfolio is made up of red, rose, white and sparkling wines from established wine producing regions with high reputation such as Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, Piemont...
CP-Meiji Co., Ltd. (Head Office)
Stand No. L37
Meiji Pasteurize milk

Fresh, rich and delicious taste with quality at its Best.
Creative Food Solutions Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J38
Convenient Frozen Handcraft Cakes that simplified your operation.
Cyberpos Systems Limited
Stand No. E28
  • SIGNATURE IT-6300 Touch Screen POS offers
  • FANLESS & SPELL - PROFF prevents Liquide from getting into the system.
  • CPU Speed increased by 30% (Pentium, Core i3)
  • HDD stores up to 500GB
  • EASY installation, maintenance
  • Mobile due to its slim feature.
Daikoku Industry Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H4
Paper products decorate Washoku dining.

Chopstick envelops and paper place mats which made of Washi paper express spirit of “OMOTENASHI”.
Dapper General Apparel Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C23
We are taking a fresh approach to hospitality, retail, corporate and cafe outfitting and design. We focus on designing staff uniforms that offer clever features fit for work and durable fabrics that get the job done.
Darling Mattress Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F11
Darling Deluxe, Thailand’s Leading Manufacturer of Genuine “Pocket Spring” Five-star Hotel Mattress - Swiss Technology for Forefront Hospitality Industry

Key to Undisturbed Sleep – Our Back Support Care System™ is absolute supportive to individually react to the body’s weight and contour, offering your prestige guests the ultimate sleep and maximum comfort.
Day Plus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H15
Our bread is fluffy because only premium wheat flour is used. Its shelf life is longer, 60days because of latest Japanese technique. There are 2 main types of bread, namely with and without fillings. With filling:Redbean Paste and Blueberry Without filling:Hokkaido Milk, Chocolate, Salt & Butter and Camembert Cheese
Delicat Flore Corporation
Stand No. G6
Exclusive original case and mints for your hotels needs, we only 3000 tins to make your logo metal case where we can offer with high Japanese quality standard mints and tins
Diamond Brand Company Limited
Stand No. DD7
DKS provides kitchen design and installation services, consulting for set up electricity system, gas system and water supply systems for housing, restaurants, hotels and resorts.
Doi Chaang Franchise Management Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K37
Every step in processing Doi Chaang coffee; from planting, to selective hand picking, to wet fermentation, has been formulated with extreme care and suitability for Doi Chaang Coffee, accrediting it as World Class Specialty Coffee through various certifications.
Dongguan City Glory Tins Manufactory Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J16
Difference kinds of tin boxes with FDA/BRC/ISO approved, good for cookie, candy, chocolate, gift, cosmetics, households, etc products packaging.
Drago Mocambo GmbH
Stand No. H34
The Fairtrade blend Aroma iss created using the highest-quality arabica beans.
E.L.F.B. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L32
Chaidim Organic Lemongrass Tea is a wonderful herbal infusion with a sweet lemony taste. Powerful and natural, caffeine free, it can be enjoyed hot or iced. Made for hotels and restaurants catering to the discerning tea lover, 16 individual pyramid teabags available in 12 flavors in a very elegant box.
Easyfo Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D32
EASYFO is the Hotel and Restaurant Software Company in Thailand, which has more than 700 customers in Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and Myanmar.

EASYFO are offering the modules for Front Office, Back Office, Restaurant, Inventory and 3rd Interface. We are not management tools only but also increased revenue and promotion tools.
Ebisu Foods Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H27
Australia "Meltique" beef, the original & the best established in 1982 by Hokubee Co., Ltd. was inspired by the traditional French culinary method "Piquer" which introduces fats into red meat to enhance flavor &consistent tenderness & high standard safety ensured by our patented own technology & strict QA system
Efay Ltd
Stand No. C11
Efay professional in display ware for Food service industry. Providing display solution for HORECA industry.
Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E31
The Epson TM-m30 printer, this stylish printer is perfect for any environment – even in limited spaces. Presenting you with the flexibility of configuration (top or front load). This printer integrates seamlessly with many platforms – iOS, Android™, and Windows operating systems through USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity.
ETS. Freddy Baines/ IQF Cheese
Stand No. N21
  • IQF Cheese range = Individually Quick frozen portioned Cheese
  • Efficient stock management with 18 months shelf life
  • Stable and reliable quality, bag after bag
  • Easy handling, frozen or thawed
  • Portion control = Cost control
Fantasy Beauty Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B15
Oliva del Mediterraneo is our celebration of the ancient beauty secret of Italy, which has always been one of the most precious fruits of the Mare Nostrum. And hotel amenities capable of delicately cleansing and moisturising, leaving your guests’ skin toned, supple and pleasantly scented.
FB Food Service Ltd.
Stand No. J9
High Quality and Premium Product From FB Food Service (2017), Ltd.
Fieco Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B27

Quality water is key ingredient in quality beverages and also for efficient operation of commercial kitchen environments. The hot water dispenser for all needs in a foodservice environment. Continue to offer a variety of precision temperature water dispensers that automate all of your needs, aid in preparation & clean-up
FMak (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H14
Kanto standardized industrial mixers with head elevation system and stainless steel construction for the first time in the industry.
  • The mixing product zone is made of stainless steel.
  • Waterproof V-Ring, prevent corrosion.
  • Easy to clean design.
  • The new invented compact touch screen panel. Automatic mixing.
Foods Classic Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K22
We are importer and distributor of food industry.
Fujimak (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EE15
Our leading edge technology, developed through decades of experience in the food service industry, will help you attain the highest level of quality.

Fujimak (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
159/16 Serm-Mit Tower 10th Fl., Room No. 1001,
Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke), Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana,
Bangkok 10110 Tel 02-661-7603
Fukushima International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. DD11
SAMURAI FRIDGE as research results of power-save performance, the fridges and freezers are gentle to the environment and kitchen alike.

All the models are equipped with ground-fault interrupter for added safety.

Being obsessed by user-friendliness, their designs live up to your expectations.
Global Synergy Management Co. Ltd
Stand No. B22
Clement®Design is a chef and service uniform brand from France, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Praised for its “avant-gardist” design and quality of products
Golden Nine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C28
KitchenAid Heavy Duty 5 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
Grand Berryl (M) Sdn Bhd
Stand No. G38
Warehouse Coffee Penang Victoria Street White Coffee
Grand Universal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D10
The better quality product with valuable price "Livi" tissue papers brand made from 100% Pure Pulp (natural tissues)
  • Food grade
  • Suitable for skin
  • FDA standard
  • OBA free
  • Rapid Dispersibility
Great System (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D31
Hotel lock & Key Tag
Guangdong Be-Tech Security Systems Limited
Stand No. F32
Be-tech GUARDIAN VALUE RFID is a Stand alone electronic lock with RFID technology. It is the latest addition to our range of security solution for the economical hospitality industry and community buildings. It is equipped the most flexible platform for the future All-in-One card applications.
Hafele (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. F37
Unlimited possibilities in design.

Efficiency and safety, as well as esthetics and stability: This robustly executed movable wall satisfies even the toughest requirements.
Hanamaruki (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Stand No. H13
Shio-Koji is a traditional fermented seasoning of Japan made from Rice Koji, Salt Water and Alcohol, has key function of tenderizing meat, bring out Umami taste, masking effect and increasing cooking yield (water retention.

Can be replacement of reduction of artificial additives, and preservatives such as MSG, phosphate, etc.
Happy Move Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N8
Many kind of Hand trucks for all purposes: reduce noise handtruck,2 tier,3 tier, mesh panel types, Luggage trolley, stainless steel material & dolly, Ladder, shelf many kind of caster wheels: Heat resistance, Rubber, Polyurethane, Nylon STL for all kinds of industry such as Hotel, Hospital, Suppermarket, Electronic & semi conductor, Food industry, heavy industry, etc
Hayabusa Giken Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H5
We exhibit a high-speed swimsuit water extractor. This machine dehydrates a swimsuit in only 5 seconds. More than 10,000 are sold in Japan, and it has no accident for 30 years. It's made in Japan from all parts. Please check it out.
Hoi Wood Plastic and Metal Factory Limited
Stand No. E47
We make and sell disposable plastic cup. With state-of-art machines being installed, we can make 2-tone color plastic cup with good quality on color and function. Furthermore, all our cups passed the FDA regulation and guarantee for food safety.
Hotel and Home Innovation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F1
CHEFTOP MIND.Maps is not just an oven, It is a set of solutions : convection oven, static oven, steamer, cook and hold, fryer, grill. Allowing you to build the right solution for you.
Housewares 2000 Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C11
‘Horeca Master’ is our selections of kitchenwares and tablewares perfect for hotel and restaurants. Practical, ergonomic and attentive to design; the ranges of products we offer can be mixed and matched to your taste, offering the tabletops a hint of homeyness.
HuaiAn Huaxia Towel Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C37
HuaiAn HuaXia's main products are the towels and bathrobes, which are made of 100% cotton, the size and weight can be customized according to the cutomer's need.
HuaiAn LiQun I&E Trade Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C35
Huaian Liqun I & E TRADE CO., LTD is a manufacturer and trader specialized in hotel linen, including toweling, bathrobe, bedding and F&B linen. we have been dedicated in providing high-quality products and service for over 700 star-rated hotels at home and abroad For over ten years.
i-Klean Laundry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A3
i-KLEAN Powerful Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent, OXI Plus

Our innovative formula with OXI Plus excelled both removing stains and smells. It is tough on stains, but not on fabrics, perfect for everyday use:
  • Ultra deep stains remover
  • Odour-removing
  • Reveal vibrant colors and Restore radiant whites
Italasia Electro Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G1
Electro Company Limited.

Italasia Electro Supplies department store, supermarket, restaurants, hotel & factory with well selected equipments and supplies. With recognition as one of the best Supply Companies.

Visit us for new items:
Italasia Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K31
An alternative cold coffee - lighter and more
thirst - quenching, because it is made through the cold infusion of coffee powder. illy Cold Brew is the hottest trend at the moment among connoisseurs and coffee lovers, from America to countries all across Europe.
Stand No. H8
Do you know such a useful and convenient baking molds!?

ITOKEI offers many kind of several baking molds (made of plastic, paper mold or Silicone) with various designs of your request. We proudly give you a great situation for your new food lifestyle.

Please visit our booth.
Jarassil Decoration Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G10
Diamond Daybed

Aluminum structure , professional weaving , synthetic rattan brand "VIRO"
Jaspal & Sons Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B11
With over 25 years of long standing experience and commitment to highest quality, we are leading supplier in the hospitality industry. We manufacture and supply an expansive range of bed& bath linen, fiber fill products and accessories. Through our iconic brand representation of Sealy Posturepedic and Santas Home.
Jiamphattana Food and Beverage Co., Ltd
Stand No. K1
  • Variety : 100% Tempranillo
  • Vineyard Age : More than 50 years.
  • Picking : By hand in 14 Kg. crates.
  • Barrel Ageing : 18 months in barrels of two different types of oak.
  • Bottle Ageing : 12 months.
Jiangsu Canasin Weaving Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C20
Canasin is the biggest hotel linen manufacture in China.

Since 1994, we keep producing and selling hotel textiles to hotels, and products including terry towels, bathrobe, bed linen, and F&B linen. Canasin has been selected as many hotel groups, including Marriott, Starwood, IHG, etc.
Jiangsu Mofisi Weaving Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C31
Hotel Towel
Jiangsu Xinjie Weaving Manufacturing Company Limited
Stand No. C32
We are professional hospitality products manufacturer,

We specialized in producing : Towels / Bathrobes etc.
K2 Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L41
Kajiwara Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Stand No. H12
  • Better quality for various cooking
  • For good and stable quality
  • Choice of Pan material
  • Choice of Mixing Blades
  • Accurate temperature Control
  • Save Energy Cost
  • Easy handling, Hygiene surrounding.
KCG Corporation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G21
“KCG Corporation” is widely respected as a leading manufacturer and importer of cheese, dairy products, confectionery, bakery ingredients and equipment from around the world. It is also exclusive licensed manufacturer of Sunquick fruit juice concentrated distributed nationwide.
Keith & Kym Concept Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G11
MLV Unbreakable ware - our high quality products are from the excellent technology and made from high quality raw materials.

Our products had been certified by NSF and passed the tests by FDA, LFGB, EC, RoHS standards. (approved by SGS Test Reports)
Kenjet Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. FF4
The KENJET filtering system is designed for indoor heavy duty cooking environment and release clean air without odor. Appliances using solid fuel such as wood and charcoal to provide all or part of the heat source for cooking.
Kingsford (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E11
The Estrella sunlounger is simple, functional, and virtually maintenance-free. Made of aluminum and mesh, it is built to last and engineered for comfort.
Kiosqueto Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E27
KIOSQUE’ is the leading brand and specialize in Restaurant Management Software. We have more 800 customers in Thailand. Our products are Cashier/Fast Food System, Android Ordering, Inventory Control & Cost Management, Branch Management System.

Our support team are ready to serve you 24hrs/7days. Contact : 662-9646040
Website :
Kitchen Fantasy Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A32
Hydraulic Round Chafing Dish with Leg
Kiwi & Kom-Kom Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D37
Kiwi brand and Kom-Kom brand. Our knives are multipurpose kitchen knives. We promote the right selection of kitchen knife that is suitable for every occasion usage in order to create wonderful menus for sharing the happiness and healthiness with your beloved and family members.
Kleen Solution (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C1
Heavy duty, Easy to use and Environmental Friendly Laundry Equipment for all your laundry needs.

Washer Extractors with inverter control to save energy. Heavy duty construction for continued work so you get faster return on your investment.
Koedooder Trolleys Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E20
At Koedooder Trolleys we design and manufacture high quality trolley for design may very from modern to classical upon customers request and all
Kokoro Sato Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N7
Sato Gourmet Sheet made from 100% natural virgin pulp. No bleach. Hygienic and safe for consumption. Approved by the ministry of Public Health, Japan. Boiled.. Filtered.. Meat Stays Fresh Only one piece!
KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EE1
VITO Oil Filter System
  • To clean the frying oil, increase food quality
  • Save oil cost up to 50% by extending the oil life
  • Save your time, only less than 5 minutes to clean oil and fryer
Come and see the new innovation for your kitchen and clean food.
Kunihiro Inc.
Stand No. M18
The product name is "SMART OYSTER FRESH" registered which has already shucked oyster shell thanks to ultra high pressure processing(HPP) at low temperature as well as pasteurized safely.

User merits are to enjoy fresh taste and Sashimi graded taste after easy defrosted by running water.
Kusar International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E19
The unique design of "The Angel Light : Windbreaker No.5 is well accepted at the fine dining restaurant and at the lobby lounge area.
Kyoei Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H3
We develop, manufacture and sell food processing machines, such as sausage cutters and automatic skewer machines, to food processing companies. Kyoei's sausage cutter detects twisted parts of sausages and cuts them at high speed. Kyoei's skewer machine has high-capacity up to 17,000 skewers/h depending on customer specification.
M.K. Unigroup Coporation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. DD15
Perfect combination between Miwe’s Aero convection with Aston Foods vacuum cooling. Apart from evenly baking, unit able to cool down within 3 minutes.Anton foods brought the vacuum technology to the next level. It is now applicable for bread, croissant and pastry products without causing the damage to the structure
Maipromthai Weaving Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. C16
Hotel linen : Bath towel, bed sheet, pillow, bath robe
Maruka Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EE7
Maruka Machinery is a trading company specializing in machinery, with 12 offices in Japan and 24 offices in America and Asia. Centered on the sale, import and export for food industrial machinery. Furthermore, our international network and over 60 years of international business experience.
Maruzen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CC7
MARUZEN Automatic boiling noodle machine series.

Everyone can cook!
Maruzen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L31
Combining aromatic scents and great taste deriving from the delicate processes using UV Controlled environment. The leaves are then rolled and finally steamed which produce the exact same quality and taste an in Japan. This particular technique has been passed down from generations for over 100 years.
Marvice (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N15
MARVICE PAGING SYSTEMS was designed to help cafe, restaurant, food service, etc. to manage incoming customers efficiently and distinctly.
Material World Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B31

We are professional for clean and care product. We ensure that all requirement and needs can be meet the right products. We will serve the good product and service to meet your expectation and make you delight with more unique atmosphere in your place.
Mita Beverage Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N18
Chili syrup
600ml glass bottle
6 bottles in a case

This is a seasoning or cocktail base.
If you want to be hot every food, non-alcoholic drink or cocktail, all you have to pour over it!
Mitsuboshi Boeki (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. N22
Captain Syrup is produce by Japanese fruit for Fruit syrup.

Tashiro Coffee Co., Ltd. They import high-quality coffee bean from place of production in the world, and roast them by their high roast skill.
N.B. Pillow Mattress Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B21
We are experts in sleeping innovations

Looking for, Hotel & Suppliers, Interior, Distributors, Architects, Furniture Retailers
N2ICE Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L27
Our selected N2ICE products reflect your experience in many different approaches to ice cream making.
Natsuko Frozen Foods Product Ltd., Part
Stand No. F46
We are manufacturer in frozen seafood value added products. All of various product are high quality and export standard suitable for hotel and restaurant and all ready to cook product.

We export our products to Japan and other countries.
NEWMIND., Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H2
World's first High-speed edible ink jet printer.
Newton Food Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CC1
Welbilt Pronto quick performance oven delivers perfect cooking results in a short cooking time with a modern and user friendly design. Impingement and intelligent air flow technology provide consistent cooking results, IR Heater and optional accessories help to brown and finish products to perfection.
Ngam Bedding Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D27
  • Gardenia. Your Bedtime Pleasure
  • Premium Cotton Materials 100 %
  • Specially Wholesale Only FHT2017.
Nipponham Group
Stand No. L11
Nipponham Group Arabiki Sausage is a traditional style of Japanese sausage which has a distinct smoky taste, made from roughly ground meat, spices and stuff in the natural sheep casing which provide the different juiciness and crispness.
Nittai Tsusho Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M4
  1. Premium-grade quality (from Harima-nada sea which is one of the best oyster farming area in Japan)
  2. Long shelf-life (1 year in a freezer at minus 18 degree Celsius)
  3. Easy handling and fast cooking (Only 5- 10 minutes with running water before serving)
Nuc Electronics Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J31
Kuvings provide premium kitchen appliance for people healthy with premium quality Juice
Oasis Hospitality Software (Shenzhen) Limited
Stand No. D38
A truly integrated hotel and serviced apartment systems connecting GUESTS OTA, PMS, Guest Mobile Phone Check in, Kiosk, POS, Mobile Housekeeper, PABX Call Accounting, Interface, Express Check Out, all by a single vendor. On-Premise Severs or Cloud options for 50 to 500 rooms hotels and serviced apartments.
P J Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B16
Table lamps illuminates with unique elegance of specially designed rechargeable cordless, which lends exquisite beauty to light and diffusers the shades with harmonious evenness for complete visual comfort. Our design philosophy is to combine simple timeless architectural shapes with magic of these flawlessly hand-crafted shades. The Hardware and Software combine for the innovative.
PAC Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D47
PAC Frenergy Heat Recovery Water Heater.

Normal use of air-conditioner, Lower electricity cost, free hot water. Free hot water from Air Con. No electricity used to produce hot water and can be save air conditioner electricity cost for up to 20%
Pacer Grow Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F49
One glass is a quality Italian wine comes in a 100% Single Serve with innovative in packaging: lightweight, unbreakable and pocket-size.

Brand Concept :
Good wine, every time, and everywhere
Panora Info-Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G35
Panora is a total smart hotel solution provider for high-end hotels. Providing hotel management and guest service systems total solutions. Our products include ISTV, Butler In-Room Interactive Service, Avocado Digital Menu System, IDS, Lobby and HSIA Systems.
Peerapat Technology Public Company Limited
Stand No. E1
This machine's operating is easily and need water supplying 2.8 liters, which also take only 1-2 minutes. Its help to proof of hygiene by automatically mixed detergents with hot water at 85 degrees. Its valuable when compare with manpower hand wash.
PTN Gourmet Marketing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M9
"Frozen seafood and many more ready-to-cook items plus newly imported fresh Osaki oyster from Japan."
Qualitat (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J27
We are one of the leading supplier of food and beverage equipment in Thailand. According to our powerfull After-sales we get a high reputation among our customers for decades.
Rohi Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C25
The Best Slip-Resistant Shoes from USA

Our mission is to get you home safe, so we're making shoes that allow you to focus on nothing but your job. We'll handle the rest. You may not see all the innovation we've added to this collection, but we promise, you'll feel it.
Royal Porcelain Public Company Limited
Stand No. E9
The PRELUDE a new collection that bring curve and wave line to create movement in harmony.

They present unique elegance, refined taste and delicacy of design. The concept was to provide a simple solution for food presentation and full range to meet all food services.
Sahamingchaisiri Ltd.,Part.
Stand No. CC19
Tempered Measuring Cup suit well with all hotel, restaurant and coffee business usage. Can use with microwave oven, oven and safe with dishwasher.
Scanproducts Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C10
The Tall Poppy provides direct down light in a slender ribbed form.

A new bright LED disc light source casts light evenly, widely and glare free.

Its robust solid metal diecast construction ensures durability and is available in a range of electroplated and paint finishes.
Scientific Innovation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. G31
'ADEL’s iFH system was an innovative wireless technology to made the hotel management smarter and easily,

we can improve cost effectiveness and efficiency and keep the security and stability in high level at the same time.
Seven Five Distributor Co., Ltd.
Stand No.
AA15, BB21,
CC21, DD21
Vacuum packaging machines/ Bx
Electronic control system featuring with pressure sensor
  • 6 selectable languages.
  • Settable sealing, vacuum and gas time on a scale 1-10sec
Softcooker WI-FOOD
  • Anodized aluminium frame
  • Easy to handle holder
  • Multiple cooking stages can be managed by the APP.
  • Winner of the SMART LABEL award at host2015
Shimono (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A10
Kuvings Vacuum Blender Model SV-500 Innovation
Siam Canadian Gourmet Limited
Stand No. J15
Chocolate Lava Pudding, Chocolate & Raspberry Lava Pudding, Chocolate & Salted Caramel Lava Pudding and Mini Tiramisu Al Mascarpone
Siam F&B Syndicate
Stand No. CC17
Siam F&B Syndicate is an officially Freeze Half-cooked Food distributor, which sells a newly type of food. This type of food has triggered the growth in Food and Tourism in Japan. Our Freeze Half-cooked Food is ready-to-eat with no difference in taste comparing with Fresh food. Please visit our website at
Siam Fabric Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D9
Tablecloth, Chair Cover, Chair Sash, Chair Cover Band, Table Runner, Napkin
Siam Tin Food Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M22
Ready for cooking high quality Thai curry sauce to be used as soup base for hotel & catering service. Prepared for any skill level cooker to create menu by simply add meat and vegetable.
Simmons Bedding & Furniture (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F19
BeautyRest® By Simmons the collection of mattresses incorporate the very latest in mattress technologies. Quality products that deliver a great value, Better support, Better comfort. We give our hotel customers innovative, high-quality bedding options designed to deliver memorable, brand-defining sleep experiences.
Singha Park Chiang Rai Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L31
From the highland of Singha Park Chiang Rai, BOON RAWD FARM products are born to be superior. From careful raw material selection all the way to meticulous production process, every step ensures all beverage product, preserved food and others are worthy of its name BOON RAWD FARM.
Snowboy 1990 (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M25
Snowboy, Thailand's leading manufacturer and distributor of frozen yogurt, soft serve ice cream powder mix of different flavors, and 3-in-1 beverages.
Somphol Bedding and Mattress Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D11
Springmate, the mattress of choice for luxury hotels and resorts, we helps guests sleep comfortably and undisturbed by each other's movements. Our mattress provides a sumptuously soft support and an extra protection from dust mites, one of the main causes of allergies, with anti-dust mite cover fabric.
Source Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G48
Source Trading is proud to present Island Fresh Jams, a range of unique, exotic fruit jams made from 100% natural ingredients. Our products are lovingly hand-made in small batches, to the highest quality standards. Our Coconut Jam is a unique product that brings Thai favours to a classic European food.
SouthPro Enterprise Ltd
Stand No. EE2
SouthPro, Korean Commercial Dishwasher, strives to create the best commercial warewashing solutions. We have been manufacturing the best quality dishwashers in South Korea for over 25 years. With every passion and professionalism, SouthPro aims to build a cleaner environment through efficient results and best after sales services.
Sumitomo Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D48
  • Prevention of insect contamination and invasion.
  • Kills and repels various insects.
  • Good air flow.
  • Washable & No re-treatment
Sun Lee Foods Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. L21
Sunlee Premium 96+% Genuine Jasmine Rice, the number 1 of 100% Jasmine Rice in USA.
We now export Globally to over 70 countries. Main regions include USA, Europe, the Middle Est, and Africa.
Surapon Foods Public Company Limited
Stand No. J11
Authentic Chinese dim sum with fresh shrimp
SweetChew by MN Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N20
SweetChew specializes in Stroopwafels, iconic traditional Dutch cookies. Two delicious waffles filled with a special layer of sweet caramel and secret spices. Traditionally a perfect combination with coffee & tea.

Great complimentary for coffeeshops, hotels, catering, airliners and other service related companies. 100% imported and original.

Fully customized packaging available.
Synature Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F31
  • pRoMiSe Android Ordering System.
  • pRoMiSe supports mobile ordering system like Android device to improve service efficiency.
  • pRoMiSe Multi-touch Kiosk Ordering System.
  • pRoMiSe Queuing and Pre-Ordering System.
  • pRoMiSe KDS.
Taito City Office, Tokyo Metropolis
Stand No. H19
First time in Thailand!

Famous six companies in Ueno and Asakusa in Tokyo are exhibiting their products including the ones employed in Japan’s prestige shops.

They also introduce traditional crafts products utilizing traditional skills and techniques that have been cultivated in “SHITAMACHI” (where Ueno&Asakusa is).
Tastemaker Company Limited
Stand No. N23
Our current products are Italian and Thai food. We have 4 kinds of soup; pumpkin, cream of corn, cream of mushroom, and spinach soup; 3 pasta sauces; alfredo, marinara, and pesto sauce. These are made by retort sterilization process. We are now developing varieties of Thai curries and dessert.
Tecfrigo S.p.A.
Stand No. FF5
Refrigerated displays for pastry, wine, ice-cream. Italian design for all your needs.
Tescom Denki Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H6
Our vacuum blender "gokusen" can keep the air pressure inside the bottle as low as the top of Mt. Everest (0.3atm).

Under vacuumed state with little oxygen, foods like vegetables and fruits can keep their freshness and original taste for long.

"gokusen" can help advance the level of your cuisine.
Thai Long Ting Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D20
Long Ting Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. is China most scale and influence of hotel products manufacturing enterprises, the company integrates R& D, design, manufacturing and exporting in one, long grove enterprises with professional management mode, innovative business ideas, intimate pre-sales and after-sales service.
Thai Polymer Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B20
TPSM is a newly developed ceramics manufacturer based in Thailand.
Thai-Nichi Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H23

Rice Balance
Premium Coated Peanuts 3 Flavors :

  • Wasabi
  • Tomyum
  • Sriracha
Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center
Stand No. H16
Desingner Ice Packs
The concept; "Kawaii, cute" ice packs
produced by Cross Hearts Co. Ltd.
Fun to use, reusable eco-friendly ice pack for lunch box, preventing food-poisning under a high temperature.

Looking for distributors with fresh food stores and groceries.
TPN Group (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. CC11
The newest concept for new restaurant owner who wishes to open new restaurant in expensive rental area with quality staff problem. TPN GROUP will demonstrate the newest concept that requires three main appliances, which will reduce labor, time, wastage, and energy to maximum with perfect quality food at all time.
TTD Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D19
Commercial 95®
  • 10-year UV degradation warranty on fabric
Commercial 95WP®
  • Weather protection shade fabric
Udom Supply Imex Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M19
Udom Supply is known as a specialist supplier of beef in Thailand's market. We source both chilled and frozen beef cuts such as Japanese and Australian Wagyu, Australian Marble beef, Grain-fed and Grass-fed, USDA Prime, Choice and Select beef as well as hormone-free and Halal beef.
Unicorn (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F44
Ocha is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) application that helps restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and other various types of businesses to manage their stores.
URAI Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H7
The supreme art and traditions of the "kimono and obi" handed down to us through generations is what I try best to bring to my glass work in Japan
US Meat Export Federation
Stand No. K20
U.S. Bone-in Beef is back...

Come and visit us at booth K20
Wasara Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H10
WASARA is elegant yet sustainable, compostable tableware

Underlying the spirit of WASARA is the legacy of the Japanese aesthetic and values.

WASARA is made from 100% renewable, tree-free materials, specifically, bamboo and bagasse (a by-product of the sugar refining process), and totally compostable.
Winterhalter (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. DD12
Winterhalter ValueLine – German origin, Asian at heart. The hood-type P50 delivers excellent cleaning result quickly and effectively. It is easy to operate and users can trust in its level of efficiency, hygiene and reliability makes it extremely attractive as an economical and practical solution for the growing warewashing needs.
Yamadai Food Corporation
Stand No. M3
Japan made side dishes with no artificial colors and preservatives added for HORECA and retail. The operation is only to thaw in refrigerator or running water.
ZEBO Industry Limited
Stand No. C38
100% cotton or poly-cotton blend, 200 thread count, 250 thread count, 300 thread count, 330 thread count, 400 thread count hotel bedding set. Available designs: plain white, 3cm satin stripe, jacquard in french of evelope design. Awailable for 3 - 5 star hotels.
Zhongshan Kang Hong Si Electrical Technology Appliance Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C36
  • Pulse function for crushing ice and solid foods
  • High power copper motor
  • FDA approved and BPA-free materials used in jar
  • High grade stainless steel ever sharp blades
  • Auto shut off for over heat/over current conditions
Zodiac Solutions Pte Ltd.
Stand No. F43
Turnstyle can help any brick and mortar business to increase customer visits, frequency and loyalty. The platform transforms your traditional Wi-Fi, turning it into a powerful marketing asset by enhancing it with 3 main features: Audience Analytics, Social Wi-Fi, and Campaigns. Get to know more about your customers now!
Zojirushi SE Asia Corporation Ltd.
Stand No. G5
Catering Products